Wolfgang Puck Express at Disney Springs Marketplace

I was  ravenous at Disney Springs so I opened MyDisneyExperience App to peruse some menus and decide what I was in the mood to eat. I love the app because I don’t worry I’m missing out on something fabulous and can find exactly what I’m in the mood to eat.  Pasta sounded good and despite it’s popularity (and it’s love it or hate it reputation) I had never tried Wolfgang Puck Express Marketplace. My husband is a sandwich lover so I usually take the family to Earl of Sandwich to make him happy.

There was a medium line but it seemed to be moving quickly. When I arrived at the front, there were two cashiers. I realized it was moving quickly thanks to the efficiency (but not friendliness) of the cashier on the right. He immediately asked “dining plan?” before I even said hello. I told him I was and asked if I could get something other then dessert. He replied “hold on and order your entree first”. So I did, the Cavatappi Chicken Alfredo. I requested no peas, because I’m a grown up now and no one can make me eat them! After he entered it he answered my previous question- I could not substitute anything for dessert (often on dining plan you can get an extra side or drink). I opted for fruit to take back to my hotel since I was hoping to go to Ghiradelli for dessert. I was then given a number and cup so I could get my own drink and find a table. Once I sat down a server came to deliver silverware and let me know he was available if I needed anything. My pasta arrived soon after.

Cavatappi Chicken Alfredo,with goat cheese, and mushrooms, sans peas.

It was creamy and delicious, the pasta was perfectly al dente. The goat cheese complimented the sauce adding a bite, the mushrooms were firm and fresh. The service was good, my server was attentive and kept sure that my drink was refilled. I regret that I hadn’t thought ahead to bring cash with me to tip him, I didn’t have the option when they scanned my magic band for the dining plan.

The food was delicious and filling. So far in Disney Springs I’ve had above average food but nothing that was a show stopper. However,  I can’t wait to try more of the new restaurants around the property.

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