Trattoria al Forno Breakfast Review

When I made plans to meet a Cast member friend for breakfast, I naturally asked her where to go. She suggested her favorite, the Trattoria al Forno. I honestly hadn’t heard of it but was eager to try somewhere new. Like any good food lover I checked out the menu online and it sounded both delicious and interesting, two things I’m always looking for in a restaurant. The restaurant is located on the Boardwalk itself at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. It’s a picturesque way to start a morning, with views of the Yacht and Beach Club across the water. The restaurant wasn’t too busy at 9 am, we were seated within moments of our arrival. I was dining with two friends and one’s newborn baby. The restaurant made space for our party at a table by the window and accommodated the stroller with the sleeping baby. Our server arrived quickly to take our drink order. I am a coffee addict and a snob at that. I had heard about their press pot coffee, so I knew immediately what I wanted to have.

My fresh press pot of their personal Joffery’s blend. That would be my lipstick on the mug, I was apparently too tired to take a pic without a sip of coffee in me.

The custom “rich” blend claims to have berry and citrus flavors. While you can taste those flavors, it was a lighter roast then I was expecting. If you do enjoy that particular flavor you can purchase it by the pound at Joffery’s location around Walt Disney Resort.

While the menu isn’t overwhelming it has many varied choices beyond your typical breakfast options. Even your basic scrambled eggs comes with tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella. I was drawn to the breakfast pizza. I never eat eggs any style except scrambled and wanted to try something new. Between the “cracked” egg and fennel sausage, it sounded like something my husband would love. Since he wasn’t there I guess I’d just have to eat it for him! My dining partners both ordered the waffles with Espresso-Mascarpone cream. Everything arrived quickly.

My pizza looked and smelled fantastic. I had wondered how tomato sauce would go with the breakfast items but they all melded together wonderfully. I did wonder what the difference between a cracked egg and fried one, or even one over easy. Even my internet research now isn’t turning up much. The egg was soft set, the yolk was deliciously runny. I’m not usually a fan of egg yolk, but this paired so well with the sausage, onion and potato that I loved it. The crust was crispy and tasted wood fired. The pizza was big enough to share, I had to bring half back to the hotel.

My gorgeous breakfast pizza topped with a “cracked” egg.

Equally as good but much less savory was the waffle with Espresso-Mascarpone cream. The cream itself was sweet but not overly so and had a delightful coffee kick. When you blended it with a little syrup the whole dish was a heavenly sugar rush.

Crispy bacon, warm waffle topped with sweet espresso mascarpone cream.

All in all our breakfast was almost perfect, the only thing that could have improved it was a more robust coffee-but that’s a personal preference. The service was succinct, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was refined and cozy. I would go back in a heartbeat for any meal, there are many more things on the menu that I’m hoping to try on the next trip.

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