Quick Service Quick Review-Breakfast at Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort

I’ve heard people go on about Tonga Toast for years. One day it clicked that I wasn’t tied to my own resort for Quick Service breakfast and the world of Disney Dining opened up for me.

First stop was Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort.

20161001_083553We ordered the Bounty Platter. Like most resorts this is a standard meat, potatoes, scrambled eggs and bread. Captain Cook’s bounty platter has sausage, bacon, fried diced potatoes, a biscuit and thick toast. Overall it wasn’t terribly impressive. Disney bacon is often flaccid and the eggs are less then stellar. The sausage at the Polynesian is different then the other resorts, but it’s also much more greasy. Neither of us were fans. But this is a decent size meal for two not super hungry adults, or an adult and kid to share. It gives more then enough to get your day started.

Next up,the infamous Tonga Toast. 20161001_083603For those who haven’t been indoctrinated Tonga Toast is two slices of sourdough toast, stuffed with bananas which is then battered, deep fried and dusted (they say dusted, I say totally covered) in cinnamon sugar. It is a sweetness overload with a side of bacon to cut through your sugar levels. While it is good it didn’t live up to it’s reputation for me. It was slightly hard to cut into and kind of dry. The syrup did make it easier to eat (because of course you needed more sugar). I have ordered it twice more since then (with different family members) and had the same thoughts each time. It is worth eating? Most definitely. But I prefer to share it with 2 or 3 people as a breakfast side rather then a main course.

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