First Aid-the most wonderful place you hope to never visit

First Aid in Animal Kingdom is located on Discover Island.

First Aid is a thing of beauty in all the parks. At least twice on our vacations I have had to spend some time there. Knowing it is available is priceless for your piece of mind. The fist time I discovered this little gem was about 5 minutes after walking into Animal Kingdom on our last day of vacation, with my whole family and my mother in law. We were on our way to Tusker House for our reservation when my then almost 8 year old said those fateful words no parent wants to hear, “Mommy, I don’t feel so good.” She fears throwing up and started to breathe heavy and tear up. I had vaguely heard something about first aid places before so I asked the nearest Castmember. They are all located near the Baby Centers in the parks.

Animal Kingdom is located on Discovery Island, near Creature Comforts.

Epcot’s is located between Test Track and Mexico, in the Odyssey Center.

Magic Kingdom has their First Aid right next to Crystal Palace.

Hollywood Studios’s is at Guest Relations near the park entrance.

I went inside and explained the situation. The nurse on staff led us to a room full of cots and let my daughter lay down. She brought her a sick bag and a cup of water. She laid down for about 20 minutes and the felt good enough to go to breakfast. I think it was mostly fatigue and 7 days of vacation that made her feel off, but it was nice to have somewhere to relax and gather herself.

They offer services for most minor injuries there, including sun burn, heat exhaustion, minor cuts and scrapes.

The second time I had to stop by was for myself. I tested some body oil spray on myself at the Polynesian shops and developed blisters in the park, I thought I had an allergic reaction. They had me sign in and gave me some cream to hopefully help it. I actually stopped by again the next morning because the cream didn’t work and the nurse pointed out I had oiled up and fried myself in the sun. Duh! I felt silly but they didn’t seem to judge me for the obvious rookie move. I grew up in Florida and used to slather myself with baby oil to tan. It was a terrible idea then and a terrible idea now.

If you feel off, or need help with something minor stop by! The Castmembers are always friendly and willing to help. It’s nice to know it’s there if you need it!



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