When is the best time to visit WDW?

,In my opinion there is one single week that is the greatest time ever to visit Walt Disney World. The week after thanksgiving through the week before Christmas is the time to go. The gorgeous holiday decorations are up. The weather is nice, cooling down and often not rainy. It’s one of the least crowded times of the year. There are short waits for rides, spots available for parades without needing to camp out hours ahead of time, easy to get fastpass+ and available dining reservations. This also means cheaper hotels and great deals, often free dining or room discounts.

Photo0011FourBySix (1).jpg
Decorations and low crowds make the week after Thanksgiving the best time to visit.


Second choice would be anytime most kids are in school, that’s what keeps the crowds low. The greatest lulls are right after a holiday. The 2nd week of January-February (avoiding Marathon Weekend), the time after Food and Wine ends until Thanksgiving and the time period I mentioned above-the week after Thanksgiving until the week before Christmas. Some also say the week before Labor Day until Food and Wine, but since not all schools are in yet that one is busier than the others.

Average crowds are expected the 1st week of January, 2nd week of February through President’s day, end of Feb through mid March, end of April through May-excluding wherever Easter falls. In my area many people visit Disney during Mardi Gras. We have a week off of school and most other places don’t. However, some Canadian schools have ta spring break around that time. Spring is hit or miss, many states vary their spring break so it can get busy but not overwhelming.

The busiest times of the year are any major holidays-ESPECAILLY Christmas and New Year’s. It seems like yearly you see news reports of the parks shutting down for reaching capacity. If you do decide to visit the parks around those holidays aim for arriving at rope drop in the am. Marathon weekends are also packed. Food and Wine weekends are very crowded, especially at night. Locals also love Food and Wine (for good reason) and sometimes the concerts draw additional crowds. It’s my favorite time for an adults only trip.

Day 8-May Trip-someone had more then enough of the heat by 10 am

June through August are slammed even though this is the hottest time of the year and prime hurricane season. Expect daily storms in the afternoon and plan your day around them. The weather can be miserable, especially for waiting in long lines. I’m from the south, I’m used to heat, but standing still when you are hot and sticky and having a stranger’s hair brush up against you while being pack in line like a sardine makes me want to scream. UGH. And the whining when it’s hot seems amplified. If you do end up their in the summer plan to arrive at rope drop, leave for a swim or nap at your resort in the afternoon and go back in the evening. It helps everyone have a better attitude I promise.





There’s a saying, the best wine you have is the one in your glass. Meaning it may not be the best wine in the world but it’s the best for you because it’s readily available. In other words, the best time to visit WDW is whenever you have the time and money to do so. Sure there may be super heavy crowds or insane heat, but with flexibility and optimism you can make it the best trip you’ve ever had.

Sure, the photopass photographer wouldn’t come out in the rain but we made the best of it.


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