Best Non Character Table Service Meals for Families

Sometimes you still want a family sit down meal without all the craziness of characters visiting your table. But if you still want something fun and unique that you can’t get anywhere else, then try these fabulous restaurants. These are not recommended for quiet romantic lingering evenings, but I would highly recommend these for say, 3 wired kids, anytime!

50s Prime Time Cafe

In Hollywood Studios you will find a special place that makes you feel at home. Or at least what home looks like on television shows in the 50s.

My grandmother’s kitchen or 50’s Prime Time Cafe?

Servers will remind you to clean your plate and keep your elbows off the table. The food is just like mom used to make, with fried chicken, pot roast and meatloaf all starring on the menu. You can catch some classic tv while you eat. I highly recommend the PB&J milkshake, it’s delicious. The service is sassy and fun, the food is comforting and you will be able to easily keep kids occupied by  playing I Spy with the busy decor.


Ohana means family and dinner at Ohana really makes you feel like you are part of one. While breakfast is with characters (Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto), dinner is just your Cousins (aka castmembers) and your family and friends. Dinner is all you care to eat and filled with Polynesian treats. Don’t stuff yourself with the bread or you’ll miss out on all the delicious food to follow. There are coconut races for the kids and hula dancing is encouraged.


Whispering Canyon Cafe

If you are looking for shennanigans this is where you need to go. The servers are rowdy, there are hobby horse races and other fun things for kids to participate in. It’s loud and no one minds if little ones are a bit rambunctious. The food is down home, with both “all you care to enjoy” skillets and a la carte items available. The Disney World famous shakes even have free refills! The best time to dine is prime meal times-the more people, the more fun here. Have no fear, if you prefer to watch from the fence, you can flip your table card to say just that-and the servers will play it cool. If you want in on the action, flip your card to green and get ready for a roaring good time!

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