How can Disney help? 10 Helpful Services Disney Offers

Cast Members are some of the greatest people on Earth. Most are friendly, ready to help and happy be of service. If you wear a celebration button be prepared to be smothered in wishes. If you’re a kid you’ll probably get some magic from some cast member along the way in the form of free dessert, stickers or a phone call from someone with character.

My best friend worked there in college. Her favorite job was to find lost people and help them find whatever it is they need. Knowing her as adult and always seeing a smile on her face it makes total sense that she is a former Cast member.

But besides making magic there are some standard services Disney offers that can make an adult vacation less stressful.


I feel like almost everyone knows this one, but it’s worth repeating. Memory Maker can be a great investment, especially since it now includes all ride photos. But if you don’t decide to purchase it Disney Photographers are still at your service. They will happily take a photo with your camera after they take one with theirs. They put the same level of quality into your photo as theirs, so feel free to ask.

2.Phone Charging

The new MyDisneyExpreience App is fantastic. It’s also a battery vampire-it will suck the life from your phone. There are plenty of locations around the parks to plug in a usb ended charger. But if you don’t want to sit and wait you can drop off your phone at guest services and they will charge it for you.



One of the fun little things I like to do is buy a postcard and mail them straight from WDW. My kids love getting mail and where better than from Disney? Although the postmark reads Lake Buena Vista it’s still fun. If you have a loved one who couldn’t join you on your trip why not get a postcard autographed by their favorite character? You can pick up stamps and send it right out from the mail boxes on Main Street.


Most know Disney’s Magical Express is an airport shuttle service included free in your resort package. They also pick up your bags from baggage claim and deliver them to your room at your resort so you can get straight to fun at the parks if you wish. Disney also provides various transportation to parks, so technically you don’t need a car on site. However, sometimes people find the buses to crowded or not available when they are ready to go. In that case let your resort call you a cab. They come quickly and for about $20 will drop you at the door to your next destination. If you are golfing on property they will actually pay for your taxi to deliver you to the course of your choice-it’s covered by your golf fees-even the discounted ones!

5.Car Care Center

Speaking of cars, if you drove yours there and had some auto issues the car care center is ready to help. They are an authorized AAA repair shop. I once drove to WDW for a concert and had my not only go flat but fly off into the dark woods next to the road. A security guard pulled over to help me and had my car towed to the car care center. They replaced my tire and I was on the road the next morning.

6.Package Shipping and Pick Up

Let’s say you find something you love but you just got to the parks. There’s only one left and you don’t know if it will be available elsewhere. You know you don’t want to be lugging a bag with you all day.  You can check your Shop Disney Parks app and see if it’s at any other stores you’ll be near today. Or you can buy it and have it sent or held for you. Packages can be held at the front of the park for you in any WDW theme park. You can also have them sent to your resort, they will be available the next day. Or you could even save yourself all the suitcase space and have them shipped directly to your home. That last one will cost extra, but the other options are free!

7.Mosquito Repellent


I’m not sure how long this one will last but due to fear of the Zika virus bug repellent is available at all parks and Disney Springs. There are stations around with lotion you can cover yourself with. And most rooms have a complimentary spray can of off with your toiletries. It’s become so standard that I’m almost positive housekeeping can provide it if you call them at your resort. I’ve stayed at 3 resorts in the past 3 months and only one didn’t have it in the room.

One warning, the lotion at the parks will dissolve the color on the WDW shopping bags. This means your hands, clothes, legs, etc will be covered with blue if you are carrying one and use the lotion. It took us a while to figure out what was happening! The DEET can dissolve anything-including toe nail polish!

8. Baby Care Centers

If you need somewhere to change a baby, nurse, or just have some quiet time to relax a baby for a bit make use of the Baby Care Centers. Read more here.

9. First Aid

Have a scrape, burn or boo boo? Feeling like your stomach will not recover from Space Mountain? Find the First Aid center nearest you for some help with what ails you. Read more here. 

10. Services for Guests with Disablities

Disney offers many services to aid guests with varying disabilites. For example, they can outfit any room with items to aid the hearing impaired-like bed shaker notifiations and strobe light smoke detectors. They also have handheld or video captioning in the parks. You can find all services offered for the hearing impaired here.

Disney is also working hard to accomodate guests with cognative disabilites, including those on the autism spectrum. Cast members will be happy to help you find the closest quiet area if you are over stimulated or need some down time. They have added companion restrooms for those who need assistance and their Disney Accesability Services can aid guests who have difficulties waiting in crowded queues. Help with those and other accomodations are available at Guest Relations. Disney is working to find accomodations for all guests, so speak up if you need something and a cast member will do their best to help you.






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