Spice Road Table

Spice Road Table is located in the Morocco area of Epcot’s World Showcase. It features fabulous waterfront views and Mediterranean fare. It has a fantastic view for Illuminations.  My husband and I dined there during the Food and Wine Festival.

There is a bar area that has a TV available, that night a college game was going on and the bar was full of sports fans. After we passed through the crowd we were led to an outdoor table, it was a bit noisy but still relaxing. I couldn’t decide what to drink so I asked our server for a suggestion. DSC03639He said he would have them mix something up for me and asked what flavors I was in the mood for-slightly fruity, etc. He suggested a Casa Beer a Mediterranean beer. My drink was smooth and refreshing, not too sweet, not too sour.


We had been munching on snacks around “the World” all day, so we opted to share an appitizer and entrée. DSC03644I can never resist anything that involves cheese so we went with the Brie Fondue. It was creamy, warm and delicious. We pretty much scraped the bowl.



Next up were the Lamb sliders.DSC03645 (2).JPG The entrée includes 3 topped with Cucumber Dill and Mint Tzatziki sauce with a side of Hummus Fries. I am not a fan of mint but I could barely taste it in the sauce. The lamb sliders themselves were moist and perfectly seasoned. We had no idea what to expect with the Hummus Fries, but we both love hummus so we were intrigued. They were slabs of hummus deep fried and served with an aioli sauce.DSC03651 They were crunchy outside and filled with smooth lemony hummus inside. Had we not shared I think they would have been a bit heavy for one person to finish, but between the two of us we had no problem polishing them off.


Overall I would love to go back and try more things at Spice Road Table. The view is gorgeous and the ambiance is relaxing. The service was top notch. If you love Illuminations I can’t imagine a better place to enjoy it. It’s a perfect romantic date spot in Epcot.

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