Port Orleans-French Quarter

My daughter and I did a girls’ trip to WDW. Just a quick 2 days in the park and a visit to Disney Springs. We chose Port Orleans-French Quarter for the easy access to Disney Springs. And for the first time ever, we decided to depend on Disney Transportation-with the exception of a couple of Ubers to breakfast at various resorts.

I’m rating resorts in five categories.

  1. Ease of Exploration
  2. Transportation
  3. Food
  4. Recreation
  5. Theming


Ease of Exploration 5/5

The resort is fairly small. We were in building 5, which took us a few tries to find from the North Quarter Parking Lot. But after we got situation we realized we were barely a walk to the pool (I walked down in my swimsuit with no cover up if that tells you how short a walk it was!). Both the boat to Disney Springs and the main building with food and shopping were also less than a 2 minute walk away. While we were in a close building event the farthest away would be less then 5 minutes.

Transportation 3.5/5

The main option is buses. They take you to all parks and Disney Springs. The longest we waited to leave the resort was 10 minutes. No bus was ever full to go to a park. However, leaving Magic Kingdom we waited almost 30 minutes for a bus back to the resort. It was the end of the day, 25 minutes after the official park close.

To reach Disney Springs there are also boats available. We utilized this on a Wednesday evening. It was a lovely ride down the river, it took about 15 minutes each way. Both there and back we waited less then 5 minutes for a boat.

To reach another resort you would need to take a bus to a park, then take a bus or other transportation to the resort you wanted. Since this would take quite a while and buses aren’t running more than an hour before the park opens we decided to give Uber a shot. It was my first time using it and I would recommend it. They arrived in less than 10 minutes and delivered us to the front door of the resorts we wanted. It was less then $8 per ride +a couple bucks tip. Use code clares2678ui for a free first ride!

Food 2/5

DSC04003 (2)
Breakast was decent-two kid’s meals and a warm Maple Cinnamon Roll

In a word, meh. I don’t think it’s just because I live near New Orleans, but the food was underwhelming. One evening I ordered the create your own pasta, a staple at most resorts. The pasta was overcooked and drowned in sauce. It was watery and flavorless.  The “New Orleans” dishes were definitely not traditional, but that doesn’t bother me if they are good. These weren’t. Breakfast was the only slightly redeeming meal. The Mickey Waffles were standard and the potato casserole was flavorful. It had some sort of creaminess baked in and onion. The Maple Frosted Cinnamon Roll however was wonderful, warm and had icing inside and out. That was worth it. Yum.

Recreation 3.5/5


There is nothing here that stands out much from other resorts. They have the usual- movies under the stars, campfires (banned at the moment due to dry conditions), and an arcade. But the pool is better than most Value pools. It has a slide and there is an excellent splash pad play area for the smaller kids. My daughter was jealous that she was too tall for it now. Occasionally there are cast members doing card tricks or entertaining in the lobby area. They also offer horse-drawn carriage rides. The sound of horse hooves clip clopping adds to the New Orleans feel.

Theming 4/5

The theme here is obviously New Orleans French Quarter and they do it well. The walkways between buildings are styled as streets, complete with street signs on the lamp posts. The room buildings would fit in the Quarter, with their various colors and iron works. It’s like a cleaner less smelly version. It’s one resort that you’d have to look more closely for a hidden mickey. The food court and pool are decorated like Mardi Gras Floats, and those as well, are done right. I wouldn’t doubt they asked actual float designers to help out. There are gardens, fountains and greenery everywhere, creating a certain quietness that isn’t at other resorts between the room buildings. The rooms themselves are simply decorated. If I just saw the room alone I’m not sure I could say they were anything New Orleans in particular. They are understated with simple dark wood furnuiture, which isn’t wrong-just not over the top.

Total Score 18/25

I would recommend this hotel for those looking for a quiet relaxing vacation, as long as they have dinner reservations elsewhere. It is easy to explore and not hard to travel to the parks. This would be great for a family bringing grandparents or extended family along, they would have a chance to get away from Mickey overload for a bit.

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