Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

I’m a Florida girl through and through. When I read about the new restaurant, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ opening featuring “farm to fork featuring Florida fresh flavors” I knew this would be a must eat for me. I made a reservation for our arrival night. We checked in with the outside hostess who  looked for our name and sent us to the inside hostess. She took my phone number to text me when our table, which we requested outside on the porch, would be ready. We were paged within 5 minutes.

The bar is showcased in the restaurant. It sits square with seats on all sides. It’s seats are both in the middle of the restaurant and outside on the wrap around screened in porch. They feature moonshine drinks, with both mixed and straight up options.20170420_201115 I ordered a Moonshine Mash-described as “watermelon flavored moonshine, fresh watermelon, lime juice and simple syrup.” It was refreshing and not too sweet. The moonshine is not nearly as powerful as the stuff I’ve had passed around in a jar.  But after driving 10 hours to be there and being exhausted it was just what I needed.


20170420_201045We started with a “Bunch of Puppies.” Somehow my daughter had the age of 10 without eating a hush puppy so I had to rectify that immediately. They are served with red jalapeno jelly and pimento cheese for dipping and smearing. The server asked which we prefered and mentioned other customers dipping both. He was right, the double dip was perfection. The only problem was they came out warm, not hot so they cooled quickly. They are not as good cold.



20170420_203442 (2)I wanted grilled fish and a salad, so the Harvest Salad seemed like the perfect choice. I did ask to change the dressing choice to the Icebox dressing. Although they forgot initially it was brought out quickly after.

20170420_203450 (2)


My daughter went for a simple side of mac and cheese. It was hot, cheesy and real. In other words, not the super creamy orange cheese found around WDW (which I admittedly love).



We sadly had no room for dessert. Annual Passholders receive a discount here. I would highly recommend Homecomin’. The food is mouth-watering, the drinks are refreshing, the servers are friendly and on top of things and the atmosphere is relaxing. It perfectly sums up the central Florida I miss.


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