Fireworks Dessert Party

WDW offers two versions of their Fireworks Dessert Party party in the Magic Kingdom. Both have desserts served at Tomorrow Land Terrace with two separate seating areas. One area is for the Tomorrow Land Terrace Dessert Party, the other is for Garden Plaza Viewing. The price varies slightly between the two viewing spots-but the general pricing also varies according to season.

The event is pre-paid and must be canceled 5 days in advance for a refund. No dining plans are accepted and you must have park admission in addition to this separate ticket.

After you check in a server will guide you to your table showing you the various desserts available, along with the beverage options-which include milk, lemonade, juice, and coffee. The desserts themselves seem to change on different days. We had cannolis, various mousse offerings, brownies and other treats. There is also an ice cream sundae station with cookies.  With the exception of the cannolis nothing else on the website picture was there. And nothing offered was very memorable-even for me, a true sweet love. My 10 year old daughter was also not very impressed. For those needing something savory to cut the sugar there are cheese and crackers on a small table.

About 20 minutes before the fireworks we were led out by castmembers to our spot for the Plaza Viewing.  I chose the Plaza Viewing for 2 reasons, it was a bit cheaper and I hoped to get to the spot early enough to see the Castle projection show.  Except I was wrong on the time for the projection show-it does not always precede the fireworks.

We had a great spot to sit on the grass and see the fireworks, even with people standing up against the fence directly in front of us. However, in my opinion it was not worth it. Since my 10 year old is considered an adult we paid $79 each plus tax. There are much better desserts around the park, you’re more paying for the viewing spot. I’d rather show up a bit early then pay that much money again. However I have friends who swear by it repeatedly, especially for ease leaving the park after the fireworks.


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