Coronado Springs -Resort Review

My friend and I spent a few nights at the Coronado Springs. The resort is currently going under construction for some updates. They are adding a 15 story tower which will add 500 rooms to this convention centered resort. However, construction is being done behind fenced areas and Disney assures us that noise in guest room areas is prohibited between dusk and 9 am. There are also discounts available if you stay at the hotel while it is undergoing renovations. Overall I don’t see it impacting many guests stay.

I’m rating resorts in five categories.

  1. Ease of Exploration
  2. Transportation
  3. Food
  4. Recreation
  5. Theming


Ease of Exploration- 3/5 The resort is walkable, but it’s going to be a decent walk. There are internal shuttles, basically large golf carts, that have set stops throughout the resort. I didn’t see them often but they are available. The bonus of being spread out is although it’s huge you don’t feel crowded with people. The main pool and play area (the Dig Site) is on one side and the main food and registration area (Pepper Market, et al) is on the other. So most rooms are close to one or the other. The grounds are beautiful so the time spent going from one place to another is enjoyable, as long as it’s not at the end of a long park day.

Transportation- 2.5/5 In addition to the internal shuttles there are buses for all parks and Disney Springs. The buses pick up at each separate room area, Casitas,  Rancho, Cabana and the main at El Centro- the check in area. Buses are said to run every 20 minutes but often come more quickly during busy times. However, you’ll be on the bus for a bit while you stop at the various pick up locations at the resort-which also means a bus could arrive at your stop and be too full to add passengers. If you’re traveling during a busy season I recommend renting a car. There is no other Disney provided transportation available. I highly prefer using my own car at this resort, but Uber or taxis are also a quick option. Uber is reasonable in my opinion, especially for visiting another resort. It usually takes less than 10 minutes for them to arrive for pick up and about $7-8 to get to your destination’s door. That’s worth my time and money, taking a bus to a park and then to another resort can take up to 2 hours!

Food- 5/5 You have multiple options at WDW Cornado Springs. If you want refined table service for dinner than Maya Grill is where you want to eat.  Indulge in seafood, steak or chicken with Southwestern flair. Looking for more casual sit down service for any meal? Try Las Ventanas.   Quick service is available at the Pepper MarketDSC_0280 -in El Centro or poolside at Siestas Cantinas. You can do grab and go from Cafe Rix, including a large selection of desserts. If you want to relax with a cocktail you can sit poolside at Siesta Cantina, lakeside at the Laguna Bar or DJ-side at Rix Lounge. The food options are varied, and everything I’ve had was very good. I love the Mexican Rice Bowls at Pepper Market. And the margaritas at the Rix Lounge or the Laguna Bar are excellent. If you don’t like Mexican food there are still many options-the usual burgers, pizza and pasta are all there.

Recreation 5/5 DSC_0303The Dig Site houses a gorgeous pool, which includes a 123 foot water slide. There’s also a playground, arcade, white sand volleyball court , kiddie pool and the largest hot tub on property (up to 22 guests can enjoy it at once). There are often pool side activities being led by castmembers.

Each settlement also has a leisure pool if you are looking for a more quiet dip. As most other resorts, Coronado Springs also hosts Campfire activities and Movies under the Stars-weather permitting. Bike and surrey rentals are also available, you can cruise or jog around the lake. Unlike the other moderates Cornado Springs also has a fitness center available for guests. Inside the La Vida Health Club you can not only fit in a workout, but enjoy their spa and salon services.

Theming- 4/5 DSC_0381The overall theme is the Southwest of the United States and northern Mexico. Each settlement is styled differently. In Casitas you have a more urban feel with plazas, fountains and courtyards. Casitas is closest to El Centro.  Ranchos look more rural and- you guessed it, ranch like. They are closest to the Dig Site.  Cabanas are themed to be like the beaches of Mexico and have some of the best lake views.  I love the look of the resort, it’s relaxing and really takes you out of Orlando and into the Southwest. DSC_0358The rooms are dark wood furniture with ceiling fans. But it’s more adult theming to me, no big Mickeys or characters leading you to the pool. That’s not a complaint, but some kids may wish for more over the top Disney-fied hotels.

Overall I do enjoy Coronado Springs. My hang up is on transportation mostly. If you have your own car and enjoy exploring a large ornate resort, then this would rank higher on your list. 19.5/25

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