Best Quick Service Restaurants for lunch and dinner in MK

Sit down table service meals are lovely, you get to cool off, relax and take a breath in the parks. But sometimes the time and budget is more conducive to a quick service meal. When you don’t want to sacrifice flavor for convenience try one of these places. You’ll notice Be Our Guest is not on my list for a couple of reasons. One-the food isn’t great in my opinion. More importantly you can’t just walk in and grab a meal, they take ADRs for all meals so they are always full.  All of the restaurants below accept the Disney Dining Plan.

Columbia Harbor House Located in Liberty Square Columbia Harbor House offers quick service seafood in an often quiet location. Grab your Land and Sea Platter or lobster roll and head upstairs to a quiet table overlooking your choice of Fantasy Land or Liberty Square. The Lighthouse sandwich, featuring humus and broccoli slaw is loved by vegetarians and others looking for something a little lighter. Columbia House is open for lunch and dinner, it typically is packed at 12 and 5-6, but most times you can still get a table.

Friar’s Nook is a straight up counter service restaurant in Fantasy Land, with some outdoor tables to sit and nosh. They offer mac and cheese served various ways. It makes a hearty snack when shared or it can be a full meal on its own. Add a lemon slushy for a real treat-it’s included as a drink in the dining plan. Hot dogs and iced coffee are also served, along with humus and veggies for snacks.

Pinocchio Village Haus– Another classic quick service restaurant that has been updated, thank goodness. This used to be the traditional place we ate on every trip, grabbing a burger and sitting upstairs to watch the boats sail away on the “happiest cruise that ever sailed.” Now they offer delicious flat breads and chicken parmesan. Although the bread sticks have replaced the fabulous pesto knots, the soup side is still yummy. One flatbread and side is more than enough for a party of two. Pinocchio Village Haus is still a fan favorite, for flavor rather than tradition this time.

Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn– Almost anything here is big enough for two. They seem to have taken over Tortuga Tavern’s Mexican fare, where Tortuga now has hot dogs. Pecos Bill’s offers fajitas, nachos and even a Taco Burger. It’s all fine, but the real draw is the toppings bar. You can make your fajitas big enough for a family of 3 if you load up on toppings. If you choose not to share the kids menu has staples like mac and cheese, mini corn dogs or the kids can indulge in their on nacho plate.

Bon appetite tout suite with these quick service spots!





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