Great moments in history (but only the American parts)

In October 2016 a new show debuted on the streets of Liberty Square. The Muppets present “Great Moments in American History,” complete with songs and hilarity. Sam Eagle and JJ the Town Crier join your favorite Muppet friends to present various points in American history. Currently they weave the tales of Paul Revere’s midnight ride and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There are Fozzie’s bad jokes, Sam Eagle’s frustration, Miss Piggy’s divaness, and even Gonzo’s chickens.

The Grand Finale

The show is presented at various times during the day, check your My Disney Experience app for showtimes. Being that it’s presented on the street it’s a mostly standing room only show. But it’s quick and entertaining. You can show up right before show time and still find a good spot to view the action in the windows above you. I was impressed that it seems to use real puppetry not animatronic Muppets.  It’s worth fitting in your day if you are a Muppet fan!

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