Top 6 ways to have a miserable time at Walt Disney World

6. Book your Fastpasses without looking at a map. The first time I booked FP I had them all close in time so I could book more after I used them. Great plan right? Well if you book one in Frontier Land, one in Tomorrow Land and another in Fantasy Land you’ll spend most of your time running crisscross around the park and never get to enjoy where you are.

5.  Ignore the weather. If you go during the summer, be prepared for rain in the afternoon and wicked heat or humidity during the day. Most people don’t enjoy purchasing ponchos for a family of 5 or the chaffing that comes from wet shorts and walking. Humid summers are also draining, especially of kids energy. Plan some down time with a table service meal or taking in a show. Winters are fickle, they can be warm days that end in windy chilly nights. If you’re hoping to enjoy Fantasmic you may end up spending $50 on a sweatshirt to keep warm in those seats while you wait. A little planning can save you money and grumpiness.

4. Wear new shoes. Some swear by flip flops but I’d warn against those too. You will literally walk miles and miles, so give yourself some support. Find something comfortable and already broken in. While you are at it, throw some band aids in your bag just in case.

3. Forget about routine.  IF your toddler naps every afternoon for 3 hours don’t expect him to go from rope drop to fireworks in a park. Kids are already going to be hopped up on sugar and general excitement in the parks. Give them a break, head back to your hotel and rest up so you can enjoy the parks in the evening. Truth be told my husband and I always end up napping when the kids do at Disney, then we all go back refreshed. Same rule applies to adults. If you normally eat at 5pm don’t schedule a dinner reservation for 9pm without planning on a late lunch or big snack. Hangry (so hungry you become angry) adults are just as bad as toddlers.

2. Demand fun at every moment. Nothing kills a good time like a parent telling their kid, “You will have fun if it kills you! We paid good money for this!” True story, I actually heard someone yelling this at their kid. You can’t pressure someone into having fun and the harder your push your family the more stressed out everyone gets and no one enjoys themselves. Not everything will go according to plan, there are ride shut downs, over stimulation, long lines and more to impede your good time. Your enjoyment depends on how you handle everything, take it in stride and you’ll be better for it.

1. Plan to do it all, no matter what.  You can’t do everything, just accept this fact. WDW is a huge place. There are lots of cool things to take you off your path, maybe it’s Alice taking your daughters hand to skip through Fantasy Land. Maybe there’s a short line at Teacups and your son wants to set his personal record for most rides in a row! If you’re so concerned with sticking to your schedule you will miss all the unexpected greatness in the little things. Take a breath and look around, you’re in the “Happiest place on Earth!” Enjoy every part of it, you never know what you can find.

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