We are a couple ladies who love to travel, usually with our kids and husbands along for the ride. We want to lead you all over the United States, but mostly to Walt Disney World. Let us give you all the tips and tricks to make your trips a breeze. We’ll pack the bags, make the spreadsheets and see what works best so you can start ahead of the game.

With my Magic Kingdom to do list outside Tom Sawyer’s Island.

I’m Clare. I grew up in Florida, not far from Walt Disney World. We would visit once a year (long ago when there were only 1, then 2 parks!), for one day. I looked so forward to these visits that I would make a list and plan out my day so I wouldn’t risk missing anything.

Travel was important to my family. When we didn’t have much money my parents always took us somewhere new, even if it was just some town we’d never heard of closer to home. They always found a way to show us the world, sometimes that meant a house exchange with a family in Scotland, or staying in convents with nuns in Italy. As a parent now I still make travel a priority.

Hey, even if you don’t bring the kids you can still send them a postcard!

I want to be sure my kids know a whole big world exists outside of their own home. We haven’t gone out of the US yet, but I plan to over the next few years.